The Be Project: Empowering Youth to be part of the solution to end relationship violence

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The Be Project is all about relationships free of drama and violence.

No bullying, no controlling or obsessive bf’s/gf’s and no standing-by while others are in trouble… 
The Be Project empowers you to recognize and take action to stop abusive behavior when you see it happen to you or a friend. Become a part of the Be Project to build and keep healthy relationships.

The Be Project website connects you to resources for dealing with bullies and abusive bf’s/gf’s, offers you tools to help in a friend in need, gives you a safe place to share thoughts, and keeps you in the loop on upcoming events so you can stay involved and meet other teens on the same mission.


Click the links below to learn what it means to Be Kind, Be Safe, and Be Courageous and Be More!



Be Kind »

We all come from different places. We all have different thoughts and ways of looking at the world. Judging others gets us nowhere. Respecting ourselves and others gets us everywhere. Be kind by understanding, not criticizing, the people around you.

Be Safe »

Know the warning signs of abuse to help yourself and others. Get the facts on bullying, dating violence, sexting and digital disrespect. Knowledge is power, and recognizing abuse is the first step to preventing it and staying safe.

Be Courageous »

Take control by standing up for yourself and others. Show courage by believing in yourself, not in the hurtful words or actions of abusers.

Be More »

Lead social change by changing minds about bullying and dating violence. Raise awareness in your school and in the larger community to take a stand against abuse. Be more by doing more.