The Be Project: Empowering Youth to be part of the solution to end relationship violence

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“I learned to identify and see the seriousness of abusive relationships, within our school and out of it.”

-Former Be Project Student

“On behalf of the counselors at [my school], I would like to thank you for sending us the best presenter.  [She] was great.  Her tone and presentation technique gave students the opportunity to feel comfortable, ask questions and provide input…I look forward to working with the Be Project/The Family Place in the future.”

-DISD School Counselor

"[A Be Project Educator] has worked with wellness classes and spoken to faculty groups. She helped to guide a workshop of third through sixth graders which culminated in the formation of our Stand Up to Bullying group. She has mentored Upper School students who began their own anti-bullying club and educational initiatives. She has spoken to Lower School parents and helped to design our recent Stand Up to Bullying Week. Most important, she has taught us all to be courageous bystanders, to use our assertive language, and to seek allies in creating a safe and caring community…Her knowledge of the specific skills necessary to create a positive school climate has educated us all."

-Scott Griggs
Head of School, Greenhill School