The Be Project: Empowering Youth to be part of the solution to end relationship violence

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Our Services

If you are interersted in bringing Be Project to your school or organization please complete our Request for Services Form and return it to us via fax or email. Descriptions of our services are provided below.

We understand the schools and organizations have different needs and we will do our best to be flexible to accommodate your needs. For more information, help determining which program would be the best fit for your school, or to schedule individual counseling please feel free to call us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm at 214-367-7746.

Classroom Education  

The Be Project’s classroom education provides age and culturally appropriate learning activities to school-aged children, grades 3-12, in area schools and organizations serving youth. We use a 10-week curriculum, Safe Dates, to discuss topics like boundaries, consent, dating violence, and how to help a friend. This program is designed for individual classrooms rather than large assembly-style presentations, because we've found that students learn best in smaller groups. 

Therapeutic Groups

The Be Project provides a 10-week therapeutic group for students who have witnessed or experienced violence. This could be dating violence they've experienced, or even violence in their home. Utilizing the Expect Respect psychoeducational support group guide, we educate students about power dynamics and healthy relationships while helping them build coping skills and positive relationships. 

Be More Leadership Groups

Students who have participated in our classroom education or therapeutic groups have the opportunity to join Be More, a leadership program that encourages students to spread the message of healthy relationships and nonviolence to their peers. Be More students are challenged to develop youth-led social change campaigns in their schools to create a culture of non-violence. Previous projects have included poster and video projects, skit teams and school-wide awareness days. 

Individual counseling 

One-on-one sessions with a licensed counselor are available for victims of bullying, dating violence, and sexual violence.

Teacher and Parent Engagement

All members of the community—faculty, staff and parents—have important roles in preventing teen dating violence and promoting healthy relationships. Training topics include: Red Flags, Digital Abuse, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Building Relationships with Youth, Social Norms and Exposure to Violence, Supporting Teen Victims, and Trauma-Informed Teaching. For more information contact