The Be Project: Empowering Youth to be part of the solution to end relationship violence

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Many parents do not think that bullying or dating violence are issues that impact their children. Unfortunately we know this is not the case.  Many parents say they would talk with their children if they had more information. This is what you will find on this site.


  • Go to the “Parent Resources” below for guidance on talking with your child about the issues of bullying and dating violence. Find suggestions about how to start the conversation, guidance on how to best respond to your child and what to do if you discover your child is involved in bullying or an unhealthy relationship.

  • Go to “Get The Facts” and download our fact sheets. You will be empowered with knowledge about the issues and resources out there to help you and your child.

  • Go to “Who We Are” to learn about services offered by the Be Project and how you can bring them to your school or community.


By working not only with youth but also with the meaningful adults who impact their daily lives - such as you - Be Project promotes widespread and long lasting change. We both challenge and empower parents to play a key role in preventing and stopping bullying, dating and sexual violence. It takes all of us – parents, teachers, staff, coaches, counselors and community leaders - to make a difference.