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Lead social change by changing minds about bullying and dating violence. Raise awareness in your school and in the larger community to take a stand against abuse. Be more by doing more.



Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to get involved and show your support as an Upstander, even if its not during Stand Up Week November 12-17th. If your school isn’t currently involved in bullying awareness activities talk to an administrator or ask a teacher for help and support! Here are some ideas about things you or your school can do to spread awareness about bullying. No matter how small or large, all efforts make a difference!

Balloon Release

Host a scheduled balloon release. You can honor those who have been bullied on each balloon or you can write positive messages of support.  

Pep Rallies & Sports

Have a school-wide Stand Up pep rally, parade, or make an announcement about Stand Up week at the next major school sporting event (football game, basketball game, etc). Have your school wear purple clothing or purple ribbons to show support for Stand Up Week.

Make a PSA

Film a Public Service Announcement video that can educate others on the issue of bullying and highlight how to help others who are bullied. Get the filming club or theater club involved to help you.

Get creative

Write a poem, perform a skit, paint a picture, sing a song… Use your talents to educate others on how to end bullying at your school/community.

Poster Campaign

Make anti-bullying posters for your school. If you have enough interested people, make it a competition! 

Acknowledge Upstanders

Encourage your school to show appreciation for Upstander behaviors by having a contest or simply recognize Upstanders when you see them. Something as simple as letting someone know their actions were brave and appreciated can go a long way!

Become a Be Project Web Journalist

Write stories and responses for our blog/social media sites to continue to educate others and keep the discussion about bullying going. Contact if you are interested in submitting material or receiving assignments.

Video & Discussion

Lots of students have created music videos and PSA’s speaking out against bullying. Pick a movie/music video to watch and discuss.